Dr. Juana Rizk

Licensed Physiotherapist

Juana Rizk is a compassionate physiotherapy expert with good expertise in dry needling, cupping, and physical therapy with a leading physical therapy center and remarkable experience in delivering home care services to patients in Lebanon.

Being trilingual, and dealing with patients of different ages and medical cases, helped me develop emotional labor, social adaptability, and deliver quality therapeutic services, making me ready to join any respectable physical therapy facility that valorizes ethics, continuous improvement, and professionalism in the MENA region.

Physiotherapist Juana Rizk


Our Values

As a fibro patient with constant muscle pain, I felt relieved and comfortable throughout the session. I completely surrendered myself to Juana's magical fingers. She's a super friendly person, which makes the healing process a lot more effective. Juana can draw blood from my skin anytime; that's how much I trust her.
Razan Kataya
Razan Kataya
Owner of BEselful International Beauty Shop

Educational Background


Juana works with a holistic patient-centered focus and looks at all the different factors that could be associated with pain. She's just amazing!
Farah Abbas
Accountant At Next Care